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What Is The Best Television Wall Mount For My TV?
Posted on Monday, 8th September, 2014 at 3:34 PM by Admin 0 Comment

Mounting your television on a wall has never been easier thanks to the varied types of mounts available. Thanks to the miniaturisation of televisions, mounting a television not only on walls, but just about anywhere has now become possible. But what wall mount is right for my TV? Here is a quick guide to television wall mounts and what the different types are able to offer.

One of the first things you will need to do is check whether your television set is ready to be wall mounted. The majority of new flat-screen television sets such as LCD, LED or HDTV Plasma screens should already come with mounting screws at the rear of the set to allow a wall mount bracket to be held securely.

Older TV? No Problem!

If your television set is a little older, or a rear-screen projection set your television may not have these TV wall mount installation brackets already fitted. There are however, other options to choose from such as wall mounting via a television stand bracket or a special wall mount housing that fits around your set.

As much as making sure that your television set is wall mount ready is important, another important aspect is to make sure that the wall you want to mount your television on is suitable for the purpose. Thinner partition walls such as those made from plasterboard may not be suitable for wall mounting due to their reasonably fragile nature. In these instances, you may need to strengthen the wall with suitable wood to allow for mounting of your television.

Tilting, Pivoting and Ultra-Slim Mounts

Once you have found the perfect wall to mount your shiny new television, the next step is to choose a wall mount bracket that suits your television best. There are many different types of wall mount and each has their advantages and disadvantages. Some simple and usually cheaper wall mounts can only hold a small television and often do not allow much movement when it comes to viewing angles.

Some of the best television wall mount installations allow for your television to both pivot horizontally as well as tilt vertically that allows for maximum viewing angles around your room. These may be more expensive to purchase, but in the long run you will be able to position your television such that the screen is visible even if you rearrange your furniture at a later date.

Hire a Pro to Install Your TV Wall Mount

Most people enlist the services of a professional when it comes to mounting their television on a wall. Not only does this ensure that a qualified technician will be able to carry out the initial inspection of the wall and television, but will also be able to offer you expert guidance as to which wall mount is best suited to your home and your choice of television.

Many professional TV wall mount installers offer a guarantee on their work, so in the event that something may go wrong down the road, you will be covered for the work that has taken place. Working with a pro wall mount installer will also give you peace of mind that the television will be securely fitted, and in the exact spot you require, leaving you free to enjoy your new home cinema free of DIY headaches.

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