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The Most Expensive Home Theatre in the World!
Posted on Tuesday, 25th November, 2014 at 1:52 PM by Admin 0 Comment

When it comes to creating a truly epic home theatre system that is worthy for even the most elitist cinema and audiophiles out there, nothing comes quite as close to what Jeremy Kipnis has managed to create in his home. No small detail was overlooked in this ultimate home theatre, from the construction of the room itself to the type of power supplying the components. Let’s look at some of the best features that make up this $6m dream home theatre.

Jeremy Kipnis designed his home theatre to project only the very best quality images and sound that are currently possible with today’s technology. No stone was left unturned when it comes to detail, and with the main theatre room being set on 6 inches of grounded concrete, followed by dampening materials and a solid oak floor to reduce unwanted resonance, the theatre room itself is of a higher spec than most laboratory echoic chambers.

A Wall of Sound like No Other!

As you step into this enormous home theatre, you are surrounded by speakers. With a total of 96 speakers set in an octagonal shape around the three piece luxury leather sofa, you are truly surrounded by a wall of sound capabilities. The speaker arrangement includes 10 Snell THX reference loudspeakers that made up the first ever THX system designed for none other than George Lucas.

Add in the 16 gigantic Snell 18’ subwoofers, 10 Snell full-range loudspeakers and the beastly array of 10 Murata super tweeters, your ears are in for a treat! Each loudspeaker has been finely tuned and tweaked to get the best results in accordance to the acoustic positioning in the room itself, as well as what components are driving them.

With a maximum output of 150,000 watts, Jeremy himself has said that you can listen to music so loud, with perfect fidelity and zero distortion that you can actually go deaf and fully enjoy the experience.

Power, Power and More Power!

To power this incredible amount of speakers takes yet another incredible amount of power. Jeremy kipnis has installed two separate General Electric no. 868 high voltage isolation transformers to power the two separate analogue and digital media systems he implements.

With a separate circuit breaker for each component in the system, the power system alone is NASA spec for eliminating noise, distortion and irregular frequencies supplying his ultra-spec components.

The $6m home theatre features over 72 high power film studio spec power amplifiers that power the speaker. Each speaker is powered but a single analogue amplifier that is dampened and isolated from ambient frequencies at a cost of $8,000 each. Each analogue amp is paired with a digital equivalent McIntosh digital power amp that costs a cool $18,000 each.

Select components of the most expensive home theatre in the world:

• $1,000,000 worth of top-tier Amplifiers

• $750,000 worth of studio-grade speakers

• NASA spec isolated power terminals

• Superior to Academy Award screening home theatre 4K playback

• Features a collection of 120,000 LPs, 36,000 movies, 214,000 digital media files

• A total of 12 miles of cables are used throughout the home theatre system

When it comes to video options, fidelity, quality and overall wow factor, Jeremy Kipnis’ home theatre surpasses even academy award screening standards. The main component of the Kipnis home theatre is the dazzling 24’ x 10.125’ laboratory-grade Stewart Snowmatte theatre screen.

This cinema-sized screen area is designed and manufactured to reduce image degradation and offer the finest surface for a projected image. Unlike commercial-grade cinema screens, the screen film itself isn’t perforated to let sound come through the screen from speakers located behind. The world’s most expensive home theatre already surrounds you in a wall of sound, allowing more of the image to be reflected on the screen itself, rather than letting the light bleed through the screen.

Ultra-Spec 4K, 3D Video with Discrete Up-Scaling Capabilities

As a total movie buff, Jeremy Kipnis decided to go with the Sony LMT-200 commercial grade 4K video projector to really enjoy the wealth of movies, games, videos and even web-browsing on. This top-tier movie theatre projector out-specs the majority of high street cinema projectors when it comes to resolution transparency and fidelity. Not for the average home theatre enthusiast, this 4K projector costs a cool $250,000!

The Jeremy Kipnis home theatre system not only breaks the bank at a cool $6m, it breaks world records, too. The current 2014 system hold the Guinness World Record for being the most expensive home theatre in the world, the biggest home gaming system, as well as the best audio listening room yet built. If you want to create the ultimate home theatre system in your home, why not follow in the footsteps of the Kipnis Studio Standard and create a truly epic home cinema system of your very own.

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