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Why You Are Missing Out On a World of Entertainment by Not Having a Smart TV
Posted on Monday, 5th January, 2015 at 11:44 AM by Admin 0 Comment

Televisions have made huge breakthroughs since the technologies inception and have now grown to become a part of everyday life in the modern world. Modern televisions have made great strides in picture quality, sound quality and the number of channels available to us, but there is one other major leap forward that is becoming more popular, as televisions get ‘smarter’.

Smart TVs are not a recent invention either, with many television manufacturers adding innovative technology into television sets over the past 15 years. Whilst many manufacturers had created dedicated set top boxes to give us instant access to thousands of channels, the ability to watch videos encoded into MP4 and other formats, as well as the ability to record, pause and rewind live television.

No Need for All of Those Set Top Boxes!

Smart TVs take this innovation in the sector further, by placing all of the abilities of the latest and greatest set top boxes into the television itself. This not only saves on buying an extra box to go under your television, but it also makes the user experiences friendlier than ever. ‘Connected’ televisions are the latest innovation in the market and allow for the user to connect to the internet and access a number of ‘apps’ such as those found on smartphones. These smart TVs have a smartphone style graphics chip and CPU inside them, and often run on dedicated software such as Google’s Android, as well as Samsung’s dedicated Smart TV OS.

The Features

Some of the best reasons to buy a Smart TV right now is the thousands of different services that you can now connect to using just your television. Applications available on the majority of the different Smart TVs application stores include Facebook, Netflix, as well as a host of photo-sharing and social media websites that can be accessed via your television. One of the most innovative ideas to come to Smart TVs is the inclusion on some TV sets of a camera. This means that you can connect to services such as Skype and hold a video conversation with friends and family over the internet from the comfort of your own sofa. Some of the best Smart TVs also include gesture control of the television by waving your hand at the screen you can get it to change channel, mute and perform other inventive commands.

Play the Latest Games, Watch the Latest Movies

Many of the newest Smart TVs have the ability to play games on the system. Whilst televisions that can run Google’s Android operating system can have access to the Google Play Store to download films, music, games and even more apps, Apple has a similar system with its iTunes television service. Smart TVs are the latest innovation that can bring even more television, films, music and games to your television than ever before. Whilst the television you are watching today may not be too ‘dumb’, a Smart TV will let you do away with all of those set top boxes that are just cluttering up your entertainment room.

A Brighter Future behind Your Screen

Smart TVs are here to stay, and will only get better in the future. Think of the televisions that will know when you walk into the room and turn on to your favourite programme. Smart televisions that ill record all of your preferred programmes because it knows what series you last watched, and televisions that can download the latest apps and games based on your choices may surprise you will films and music that you would have otherwise missed out on.

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