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Step By Step Wall Mount Installation Guide
Posted on Tuesday, 14th July, 2015 at 2:38 PM by Admin 0 Comment

So you have bought a brand new 3D TV and you’re wondering how best to set it up, but a simple TV table isn’t really going to cut it. Installing a wall-mount TV can completely change the total outlook of your room, leaving you with more free space and an area that is much easier to tidy.

A simple wall mount kit comes with two mounting hands which are joined with your TV, and a wide bracket frame which is attached to the wall. The mounting hands are locked with the bracket frames, which fits and secures your TV with your chosen wall.

Before setting up, choose the appropriate wall where you are going to mount your TV. Measure the size and height of your TV that will match you’re watching and sitting level. Each and every interaction that you will be having with your TV will relate you’re sitting and watching, therefore comfort while viewing should be the biggest priority in your mind.

Secondly be sure you have all the necessary hardware and cables that will be needed for completing the installation. Then you will have to select the appropriate and desirable wall mount bracket that will fit your TV according to its size and weight.

Types of Wall mounting TV brackets

There are several types of brackets giving you different ways to display your TV. You might want to fix it to the wall with a tilting mechanism that allows a TV mounted higher on the wall to be angled perfectly for couch viewing, there are also ultra-thin mounting options which allows the TV to sit as close to the wall as possible, or you may want to display your TV with a Low Profile - Just remember that these brackets can’t be adjusted once mounted. You might want to consider an articulating mount where the TV is attached to wall bracket but can be pulled away from the wall and can be moved left and right. There are many brackets to choose from to make it easy for you to get the effect you desire like swivel, ceiling, and platform and under cabinet mounts.

Installing a wall Mount TV

Let us show you the installation with the simplest installation bracket attached with two arms.
Before starting it’s essential to find out stud inside your wall with the help of a stud finder. Studs are typically around 16 to 24 inches apart. Mark the places where they are located and use a level to determine where they will sit so the TV is placed properly on the wall.
Line the frame up with the stud marks that you made on the wall to check the exact measurements and drill your screws in.

After that put the frame up lining up the holes and make sure that the bolts actually get in the wall through your frame. Then fit the bolts tightly so that they are secure.Recheck again and the frame is ready to hold the weight of your TV.

Put the two arms on the back of the TV, for this you first need to measure where the top or bottom of the arms are going to be. Attach the frame arms on the back part of your TV carefully, making sure everything is very secure. Once this is done, the hooks provided on the security lock arms will fit over the hook holder shields at the top of the frame on the wall. There are security lock screws below the frame which will hold your TV securely. Put the screws there but don’t lock it just yet.

Hold the TV up and place it carefully so that the hooks are over the frame and they are locked hanging. Check from the back that they are exactly placed. Check the placement of the TV from distance, so that it’s centred and level. The last thing to do is to lock the screws - sit below your TV with a screw driver and lock the bolts in place.

You’re finally finished! Sit back and enjoy your favourite show on your fantastic new TV.
Of course, if this all sounds too hard, remember you can always hire professionals to do the job for you so you don’t have to deal with the mess and fuss DIY installation can cause.

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