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Don’t Miss Your Favourite Shows This Christmas! 4 reasons You’ve Got Bad Reception
Posted on Monday, 23th November, 2015 at 4:45 PM by Admin 0 Comment

Christmas is around the corner now; no doubt you’ll be getting together with friends and family and if you have little children its all the more special! There are so many exciting aspects of Christmas for young kids; everything from the smell of the Christmas tree, seeing the presents under the tree and the magical ambience that seems to be in the air at this time.

Something else many of us associate with Christmas time is reruns of old Christmas themed movies on the telly. You’ll notice that TV networks often play the same films every year on Christmas night and there’s something special about relaxing after a feast and enjoying a classic with family.

This being the case, you’ll want to have your TV in full working order. If you’re experiencing any issues with reception, refer to our step-by-step checklist below and avoid missing the best Christmas TV shows!

1.Check for deteriorated cables

Over the years, it’s not uncommon for cables and wires to become deteriorated with continued use. This includes the cables running from your television to your antenna. It can be due to the environmental conditions such as rain or strong winds. If you face consistent poor TV reception during or after rain, it’s likely the digital antenna cables have become dislodged or aren’t making contact properly. It is always recommended to use RG6 cables for TV antenna installation due to its better protection standards. Try unplugging and re-plugging all the cables and if that isn’t working it might be time to replace them. TV points installation plays a vital role thus assure they are ok before the upcoming Christmas TV shows.

2. Check for TV antenna alignment issues

The location or the angle of the digital TV antenna makes a big difference in the quality of your digital TV reception. It is best to find out the direction of the TV signals, and align the digital antenna to face the transmitter tower. If your antenna has been installed incorrectly or in a less than favourable position, this may be the cause of the issue. It can also be due to high buildings or trees in your area.

The solution for this problem depends on your specific situation, however relocating the antenna and/or adding boosters and signal amplifiers. You can also try locating your Digital TV antenna at a higher position or sometimes wall mounting your TV itself to a different location. Your local digital TV antenna specialists would be able to help you find best TV reception solutions with their reception mapping tools.

3. Incorrect splitters used

Older installations may have screw type splitters. These older splitters can be unproductive and may not be in the best condition to receive the intended signal. TV reception solutions can also be based on the use of right type of splitter for the task. If a 3 points splitter is used when a 2 point splitter is more appropriate, there could also be a possible loss of signal leading to poor TV reception.

4. Other electronic interference

Keeping your digital TV antenna away from electronic devices is one of the basics when it comes to TV reception solutions. This includes other electronic devices such as TVs, DVD players, radios, microwaves, computers and even large metal objects. Make sure they’re kept at least a few feet away from your digital antenna, if you’re using an indoor one.

If you are not sure on how to rectify your digital TV reception problem, it is best to contact your local digital antenna installation specialist. At Local Bloke Antenna Services, we would be able to provide you with best TV reception solutions for any of your TV disruptions in hand.

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