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Australia’s Biggest T.V. Shows in 2013
Posted on Friday, 7th March, 2014 at 1:27 PM by Brendon Hawtree 0 Comment

Welcome to the Local Bloke Antenna Services blog! Be sure to watch this space because you’ll be sure to find out loads of information about our services, helpful hints for ensuring you get the best reception and things that interest us in general! To get thing rolling, we thought we’d keep it light and take a lot at the biggest T.V. shows in 2013 – what got the most hype and why! You’ve probably worked out we love relaxing in front of the telly as much as anyone and we pride ourselves on making sure you get the best viewing experience you can. And given that a lot of that comes down to what you’re watching (as well as the quality of the sound, picture and overall set up), who better to let you know about the hottest shows on the tube are at the moment.

Breaking Bad

Even if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad before, chances are you’ve heard about it. I can honestly say that the number of Facebook statuses that it has inspired has to be as much as any other T.V. show. The much anticipated final season aired in 2013 to a huge number of viewers, many of whom downloaded it illegally. In actual fact, the series finale was pirated 500,000 times in the 12 hours after the screening, 18% of which came from Australians. Nevertheless, this is the program that has headlined 2013 and with such an unpredictable and addictive final season, it’s not difficult to see why.

Game of Thrones

Another violent drama that has been hyped up like nobody’s business, HBO’s Game of Thrones was also a pirate download favourite, with fans going on a downloading frenzy to catch the final episode in June of this year. Based on the fantasy novels entitled A Song of Ice and Fire, there is something undeniably addictive about the series, even if it often seems like there’s enough characters to sink a ship. In Australia, the season 3 finale was broadcast on Showcase but very few people could wait even for that and could download minutes after it aired in the US.

The Voice

This reality T.V. series deserves a mention predominately because it was the most watched television program on commercial T.V. in Australia in 2013. Averaging 2.07 million viewers on a Sunday night, The Voice follows a similar formula to many other singing shows we’ve seen over the years including Australian Idol and X-Factor. However, fan fell in love with the contestants and judges alike and the results speak for themselves!

My Kitchen Rules

Interestingly, the season finale of My Kitchen Rules had the biggest audience of any other single episode of any show. Channel 7’s cooking program attracted a metro audience of 3.27 million, coming in ahead of The Block Sky High’s finale (3.16 million) and the AFL Grand Final (2.71 million). As we’ve seen reality television dominates commercial T.V. which may or may not indicate a changing trend where people are less likely to watch dramas and the like in a weekly time slot.

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