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How a Surround Sound Installation can Improve Your Entertainment
Posted on Friday, 7th March, 2014 at 1:23 PM by Brendon Hawtree 0 Comment

In the world of digital entertainment, you’ve never had it better. Compared to even just 15 years ago, the idea of having your very own home cinema was out of reach of most people. Today, thanks to the advancement in technology, paired with prices coming down for electrical items, it is possible for those even on the lowest budgets to enjoy a true cinema experience in the comfort of their own homes.

There are several aspects to creating your own home cinema and home theatre system, and with a little homework you can decide for yourself what technology you wish to buy into. First of all you simply must have a great way to watch your movies, home videos and video games on. They come in a number of different forms as well as vary widely in price, but with the cost of electrical items falling year on year, you are sure to pick up a great deal.

From plasma screens, LCD televisions, LED and the latest OLED screens all give you superb picture quality to enjoy your movies on. Choosing one will depend on your budget, so spend wisely. The latest television sets incorporate 3D technology to bring you a truly immersive experience that only a huge cinema screen used to be able to give you.

Choose the full immersive experience

Along with a great set to watch your movies on, another crucial feature of your home entertainment system has to be with a surround sound system. Surround sound installation can also come in varying forms and with varying advantages, but if you shop around you can pick up a great system for under $300. Gone are the days of stereo sound, and with crystal clear television screens, you will do your viewing pleasure an injustice not to match it up with a surround sound system.

Early on in the technology, a 5.1 system became a popular way to enjoy truly immersive sound to put you at the heart of your favourite movie. In 2014 it is now possible to pick up a 7.1 system that includes 7 satellite speakers that are positioned around your room with the final subwoofer providing the bass to your movies.

There are a number of enhanced surround sound systems that take advantage of Dolby, THX and a few others that aim to recreate that iconic theatre sound. These tend to be more on the pricier side of your budget, but buying brand names gives you confidence that the product is well made and more importantly: sounds great.

Budget to your needs

A surround sound system usually comes with its own amplifier to drive the range of speakers. Many 7.1 systems provide an amplifier and DVD or Blu-Ray player in a combo unit for ease of use as well as value for money. If you choose to, you can pick up each individual component you need to create your own surround sound installation, with custom speakers, amplifiers as well as cables.

The ideal surround sound system for you is one that fits your needs. If you have an existing Blu-Ray or DVD player, then a simple amplifier and speaker setup will be perfect for you. Make sure to choose a surround sound installation that has optical inputs to boost your video game system or music player. Shop around to find the best deal, and you could be enjoying the latest movies, games and television in crystal clear surround sound heaven.

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